Archival Project

An ongoing project of preservation. Our archive has been updated with 4 digital books: Gates-Tunnels-Highways-Insides. New York, 1990s-2000s. All 4 archival works, available now on our Patreon.
Photographs: Tommy Holiday. 

*Each book serves as a historical document, respectively showcasing the Gates, Tunnels, Highways & Insides of a past era of New York City graffiti. Featuring a compilation of New York graffiti writers: SOBER, VFR, GIZ, ZE, SETUP, MKUE, REVZ, KORN, WISE, UTAH, ESPO, AGUA, CAP, LES, MAP, CLAW, CYCLE, GOUCH, CH, SP, BRUZ, SANE, CES, PJAY & more. Copyright, Living Proof New York, 2024.