Words & photos by Wes Knoll. Article featured in Issue 5, Living Proof Magazine.

“WHO ARE YOU?! WHO ARE YOU?! WHO ARE YOU?!,” a man screams on a crowded subway train underground.

Unsure of who he was demanding answers from, I turned in curiosity. The mystery revealed itself by the sight of a buck-toothed man, saliva dripping from what few teeth he had left. Laughing to himself, he listened to an infinite song – the frantic yet controlled orchestra of insanity that only he seemed to hear. 

As I waited until it was time to pick up OJ, I wondered to myself through- out the rest of the night as to what the devilish (or angelic) voices he was possessed by said in response to his metaphysical interrogation. 

After clearing space in the back seat of the car, which was stuffed with graffiti paraphernalia, tools and home- made contraptions utilized for climb- ing, breaking and entering, and other escapades of the night, OJ got in the back seat. Then, we pulled off. 

As we made small talk over the light rain and fog, the night seemed ripe for the taking. What few people left outside were scurrying home to their nests. Street lights and storefronts glowed melodically in the reflection of the streets. Collectively, our blood flowed. 

There’s a certain innate feeling of knowing, when taking one’s first steps out into the night before embarking on a mission. Knowing that fate is on your side, or better yet, in your own dirty hands…

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