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  • Jerry Hsu Interview

    Jerry Hsu Interview

    Jerry Hsu is a legendary skateboarder, photographer & founder of Sci-Fi Fantasy. Esteemed for his switch-stance skateboarding; with video parts in Enjoi’s “Bag of Suck”, Emerica’s “Stay Gold”, amongst others. Gradually developing his photography since the start of his professional skate career, Hsu has put out a number of works including Blackberry & iPhone photo…

  • Alex Olson Interview

    Alex Olson Interview

    Alex Olson is an influential skateboarder & artist within the realm of design, breath-work & meditation. At the helm of Call Me 917 & Bianca Chandon, Olson’s approach to design exists as an intersection between elevated basics & traditional skate goods. Having video parts in Lakai’s “Fully Flared”, Supreme’s “Cherry”, amongst others. We speak on…

  • Issue 4: Living Proof Magazine

    Issue 4: Living Proof Magazine

    Issue 4 of Living Proof Magazine is now available for the month of November 2023. Featuring Mint & Serf PPP, Wiki, Caleb Barnett, Cajun BTM, and Em1.

  • Living Proof New York

    Living Proof New York

    Angel & Z Radio is now operating under the name of Living Proof New York. Angel & Z Radio was a podcast that launched June, 2020. Specializing in interviewing New York City graffiti writers as well as figures within the broader downtown community from the skate, art & hardcore punk scenes. They would run food…